Live stream and otherwise 

What camera do you use? Currently a Panasonic X1500 (Amazon affiliate link helps support the channel).

How do I join (become a member)? To see membership tier options go here or you can click the join button on our YouTube channel homepage. They both go to the same place. On the channel page the button is to the right of the member profile images.

Is this a regular stream? Yes. Three times per week mainly from Logan; once per month I do a series of New York JFK streams from the TWA Hotel. Subscribe to the channel to be notified of the exact dates and times.

From where do you stream on-airport? Terminal B parking, top deck. 

Is a permit required from Massport to spot from Logan Airport property? Yes, one issued per day requested (e.g. one at a time) and they do frequent spot checks. The permits are free and can be requested on the Massport website

From where do you stream off-airport? Various public and private locations in Winthrop and at Constitution Beach in East Boston.

What’s the industrial plant in the background (near the wind mill)? It’s a water treatment plant for Boston Harbor.

Airplane Leaseback Calculator

This page requires a tablet or larger.

Can you make money renting out your plane?

The airplane leaseback calculator projects what it takes for you to make money, breakeven or defray the cost of airplane ownership by putting your airplane to work. Watch the video first to understand some very important leaseback considerations!

Step 1 – Watch the video if you have have not done so. Step 2– Enter your aircraft costs. Step 3 – Explore profit or loss scenarios. Edit White cells in the cost section (top) and green cells elsewhere.

Base hours is the number of rental hours expected to breakeven; it’s just a starting point for calculations. You can charge less than the breakeven rental rate and still make a profit if the plane rents out for more than the base hours figure of 50.