Lufthansa A380 Service Inauguration – Boston

Lufthansa inaugurated Boston – Munich A380 service on June 1. The A380 is the largest commercial airliner in service today; the 8380 on this route is configured with 509 seats.

I was privileged to have ramp access as the inaugural A380 taxied to the gate in Boston. The …

Airplane Leaseback Calculator – Spreadsheet

airplane leaseback spreadsheet

Can you make money on a leaseback? Let’s crunch the numbers.
The airplane leaseback calculator/spreadsheet projects what it takes for you to make money, break even or defray the cost of airplane ownership by putting your airplane to work. It’s meant for general aviation training or rental types

Understanding Air France 447 with Captain Bill Palmer

Captain Bill Palmer, an A330 pilot and check airman joined me to discuss the loss Air France 447 in June 2009. Bill goes deep into the A330’s flight control and automation systems as well as pilot training. He covers what caused the airplane to stall, and the inability …

Northeast Airlines Yellowbirds

Northeast Yellowbirds were a common site in the New England skies in the late 1960s. The airline was headquartered in Boston with a base at Miami International and a significant presence in New York.

Northeast’s main routes at that time were between Boston, New York, Washington and Philadelphia …

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